‘EUROPE ENGULFED’ Board Game (GMT Games 2003)


‘Europe Engulfed’ is a board game first published by GMT Games in 2003. The game covers the entire European Theatre of the Second World War at a strategic level, and uses a mixture of wooden blocks and counters to represent the various forces on the board.

Compared with many traditional large-scale ‘hex and counter’ war games, the basic rules of ‘Europe Engulfed’ are relatively straightforward but the use of blocks, where you cannot see the strength or identity of your opponents units, cleverly recreates the ‘fog of war’ and makes for a tense engrossing game.

The game we currently have for sale, pictured on this page, comes from a private collection and is in superb condition throughout. It is the Second Edition from 2006 and also includes some extras (additional scenario etc.).

For 2 or 3 players



  • Extra-large 122 x 86cm (48 x 34″) game board, made up of two 22 x 34″ maps on thick cardstock
  • 283 Coloured wooden blocks
  • 176 Cardboard counters
  • 68 Cardboard markers
  • ‘Player Aid’ cards
  • 24 dice
  • Play book
  • Rule book



  • Checked and complete
  • Game Board: Mint (Grade: 10.0)
  • Wooden blocks and cardboard counters: Mint (Grade: 10.0)
  • Box: Near Mint (Grade: 9.5)

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