‘WEMBLEY’ (F.A. CUP) Board Game (Updated Edition)



The ‘Wembley’ board game is a classic family ‘football manager’ game, that celebrates the oldest cup competition in Football – the F.A. Cup. This updated edition features all of the teams from the 3rd round 1980-81 centenary competition.

The game starts in the third round, with 32 teams left in the competition. Once the draw has taken place, players must decide whether to invest in star players – or try to save money for the next round and win the match with the players they already have.

As the game progresses, the special dice (which are weighted for home advantage etc.) are rolled for each match to find out who will stay in the competition and claim the gate receipts.

When there are only two teams left, it’s time to take your places at Wembley for the final match.

  • For 2 to 12 players
  • Age recommendation: 9 and over
  • Playing time: 90 minutes



  • Game board
  •  Special ‘Wembley’ dice
  • Team cards
  • Draw cards
  • Money
  • Rules
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