‘A TALL STORY’ Victory Gold Box Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (800 pcs)

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‘A Tall Story’ is a vintage Victory ‘Gold Box’ wooden jigsaw puzzle containing 800 pieces.  This wooden jigsaw puzzle includes over 30 ‘whimsy’ (specially shaped) pieces and measures 24″ x 19.5″ (61 x 50cm).

As with all jigsaw puzzles in the Victory ‘Gold Box’ series, this puzzle comes without a guide picture making it a real challenge to complete. (The second photo shows the completed puzzle).

The puzzle pieces are in excellent condition and the colours are still vibrant. A few of the pieces have very small pin holes but they are barely noticeable. (These pin holes are where the jigsaw puzzle was held in place during the cutting process).

The box is in excellent condition with only very slight wear.


  • Fully checked and complete
  • Puzzle pieces: Excellent (Grade: 9.5)
  • Box: Very Good – Excellent (Grade: 8.5)

For full details of our grading system, please see our ‘Grading Vintage Toys’ page.