‘RIVER THAMES, LONDON’ (CANALETTO) Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

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‘The River Thames, London’ Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzle features a stunning painting by Canaletto showing the Lord Mayor’s Day procession on the river. The deep, vibrant colours and incredible amount of detail make this not just a challenging jigsaw puzzle to complete, but an enduring work of art worthy of being framed and displayed.

This is a pre-owned jigsaw puzzle from the private collection of one of our regular customers. The puzzle has only been completed once and the jigsaw puzzle pieces, cloth bag and box are all in ‘as new’ condition.


  • Jigsaw Puzzle: ‘As new’ (Grade: 10)
  • Cloth Bag: ‘As new’ (Grade: 10)
  • Box: ‘As new’ (Grade: 10)



  • Size of completed jigsaw puzzle: 73 x 51cm (29” x 20”)
  • 1000 wooden pieces with approx. 50 themed ‘whimsies’ (shaped pieces)
  • Unique pieces – no two pieces in the puzzle are exactly the same size and shape
  • Challenging to complete – no conventional corner pieces and some inner pieces include straight edges
  • 3mm thick, laser-cut wooden pieces from sustainable, managed forests
  • Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzles come in a high-quality presentation box with a cloth bag to store the pieces
  • Manufactured by Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in the U.K.


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Wooden jigsaw puzzles became very popular during the Victorian era and were known for their intricately-cut designs and unusual ‘whimsy’ pieces.  (‘Whimsies’ are pieces cut into a recognisable shape – for example, a tree, a flower or a bird – and are often designed to reflect the theme of the image).

Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzles are carrying on this tradition of British puzzle-making using the latest technology to make the puzzle pieces even more intricate – and the puzzle even more challenging!

Each puzzle piece is laser-cut to ensure a perfect fit, and the latest printing technology ensures that the image is crisp and the colours vibrant.

Once you have experienced the quality and feel of a wooden jigsaw puzzle, ordinary card puzzles are never quite the same!

All of our Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzles come with a drawstring cloth bag for the pieces and a high-quality presentation box.