‘L’ATTAQUE’ Board Game Centenary Edition (Gibsons Games)


‘L’Attaque’ is a classic board game first published by Gibsons in the early 1920’s. Originally marketed as a rival to chess, it features simple rules but a surprising depth of strategy.

L’Attaque was the forerunner of Stratego and the two games are very similar. Neither player can see the value of his opponents’s playing pieces until he makes an attack, so the game is also a test of memory as well as strategy.

This edition is a faithful reproduction of the original Gibsons edition and features the original artwork on the box, board and playing pieces. The game also includes a facsimile of the original rules.

For 2 players

Age recommendation: 8+

Manufacturer: Gibsons Games


  • Game board
  •  72 Playing pieces (36 Red and 36 Blue)
  • Quick-start rules
  • Facsimile of the original rules
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