JAMES BOND ‘007 UNDERWATER BATTLE’ Board Game by Triang (1960’s)

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James Bond ‘007 Underwater Battle’ board game was  published by Triang in the 1960’s to tie in with the release of the ‘Thunderball’ film and is now very collectable – and very rare!

The game recreates the climatic underwater battle between the Largo and his henchmen, who are trying to plant bombs to blow up Miami, and James Bond and his team who are trying to intercept them.

The Largo player must try and get the bombs, carried aboard a mini-submarine, from his boat (the Disco Volante) to Miami, and the James Bond player must try to intercept the bombs and get them safely aboard a U.S. warship moored off the coast.

This game is now very rare and extremely collectable. The combination of a relatively expensive price tag, a large fragile box, and lots of detailed playing peices, meant that the game didn’t sell in huge numbers and the playing peices were easily damaged or lost, so complete games are now very hard to find.

The game we currently have for sale, pictured on this page, is in average condition but it does have all of the original playing pieces (frogmen, James Bond, Largo etc.) and apart from minor damage (broken spear gun tips) to 3 frogmen, the playing pieces are undamaged.

Some of the stands for the playing pieces are replacements (see photos).

The box is in average condition with some storage and age-related wear but is useable.



  • Large game board
  • 1 x ‘James Bond’ figure
  • 1 x ‘Largo’ figure with motorised handheld sub
  • 8 x Black-suited frogmen with spear guns
  • 8 x Orange-suited frogmen with spear guns
  • 1 x Mini-submarine carrying 2 bombs
  • 18 x Plastic stands (including 9 replacements)
  • 2 x Dice
  • Rules (printed inside box lid)



  • Checked and complete
  • Playing pieces: Average – Excellent  (Grade: 7.0 – 9.0) Three of the frogmen have minor damage (two broken spear gun tips and one missing hand). Two have been glued on to their bases.
  • Stands: Excellent (Grade: 9.0) There are 9 replacements (see photos)
  • Board: Average – Good (Grade 6.5) Playing surface is good but there is some warping and minor age-related discolouration to edges.
  • Box: Average (Grade: 5.0) General wear (rubbing, splits to some corners seams etc.). One of the small inner storage boxes and a few of the plastic lugs are missing.

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