‘CAPTAIN SCARLET’ Set of 10 Action Figures (Vivid Imaginations 1993)


This is a rare complete set of all 10 vintage Captain Scarlet action figures by Vivid Imaginations. The set was released in 1993 when the original 1960’s Gerry Anderson TV series was re-run on British television. While the popular figures in the series sold in large numbers, some of the figures – like the Captain Scarlet Astronaut – are now very hard to find.

All of the figures are in ‘as new condition’ and have never been removed from their original packaging, which is still sealed. The packaging is mint or very near mint condition.

The figures in this series measure approximately 7cm (3.75″)


  • Captain Scarlet (with electron gun)
  • Captain Scarlet (in Spectrum astronaut kit)
  • Captain Black (with radio & explosives)
  • Captain Black (as Spy with laser rifle)
  • Colonel White (with Spectrum defence chart)
  • Destiny Angel (with flight helmet and pistol)
  • Harmony Angel (with flight helmet and pistol)
  • Captain Blue (with laser bazooka)
  • Lieutenant Green (with portable computer)
  • Captain Magenta (with turbo jet pack)



  • Figures: As new (Grade: 10.0)
  • Packaging: VN Mint or Mint (Grade: 9.5 or 10.0)


For full details of how we grade vintage items, please refer to the ‘Grading Vintage Toys’ page.

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