‘221b Baker Street’ is a classic family board game of detection and deduction – and the London residence of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion, Dr. Watson.

In the game of ‘221b Baker Street’ players travel through the streets and alleys of London, collecting clues and attempting to solve some of Sherlock Holmes’ most baffling cases.

Each player assumes the role of Holmes and competes with the other players to solve the case first. The game includes 75 cases and each case is represented by a card that features a crime, told in story form, a selection of probable suspects, and a list of locations involved in the crime.

Clues are hidden throughout London, one in each of fourteen locations. Players must collect clues from each location, noting them down on their checklists and attempt to find the answers to the questions listed on the case card.

The first player to solve the case, and return to 221B Baker Street with the correct solution, is the winner.

  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Age recommendation: 10 and over
  • Playing time: 60 to 90 minutes


  • Game board (map of London)
  • 6 plastic miniature Sherlock Holmes player tokens
  • 75 Case cards
  • Solution checklists
  • Dice
  • Rules


PLEASE NOTE – We also sell the ‘221b Baker Street Expansion Pack’ for this game, which contains an additional 50 cases

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