'ESCAPE FROM COLDITZ' Board Game (Anniversary Edition) *NEW*

This deluxe Anniversary edition of 'Escape From Colditz' is an updated version of the classic strategy board game, first published by Parker Games in the 1970's.

This superb edition, published by Osprey Games, has been released to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Major Pat Reid's escape from the 'impregnable' Colditz Castle fortress.

Will you take the role of an Allied prisoner or a German prison guard?

Become an Allied escape officer - assemble your equipment, plot your escape route, and co-ordinate your efforts to avoid the guards.

Or become the German security officer - despite your limited numbers, you must try and maintain control of the castle through guile, ruthlessness, and careful observation of the prisoners.

The new edition of the game includes fantastic new hand-painted period artwork, both original and updated rules, a large game board, 56 wooden playing pieces, 100 fully illustrated cards, a 32-page history booklet, and unique replicas of artefacts from the prison, including the Red Cross parcel box from the 1970's edition of the game.

75 years ago, Major Reid braved barbed wire, searchlights, and armed guards to 'Escape From Colditz - now it's your turn to do the same!

For 2 to 6 players
Age: 14+
Playing time: 90 to 180 minutes


Large game board
56 Wooden playing pieces
100 Illustrated Cards:
Replica 'Red Cross' parcel box
Historical leaflet
Original rules
Revised and updated rules