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'Bibury, Arlington Row' Jigsaw Puzzle

Vintage-style Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

'Bibury' Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Arlington Row in Bibury is a stunningly attractive collection of Cotswold stone cottages.

Bibury, in the heart of the Cotswolds, was once described by William Morris as the most beautiful village in England, it so entranced Henry Ford that he tried (and failed) to buy the entire row of cottages in Arlington Row and have it shipped back to America!

The scene has been perfectly captured in this traditional, vintage-style, wooden jigsaw puzzle, from a painting by Lorna Rankin.

Whimsies - Wooden Jigsaw PuzzleThese wooden puzzles are very finely cut, with lots of irregularly shaped pieces and are far more challenging than a 'standard' puzzle. Each puzzle includes a number of 'whimsies' - figural pieces in the shape of all sorts of objects, animals, birds, fish etc.. - see picture on the right.

They are laser-cut from 3mm board, and manufactured to the highest standards. Each puzzle comes in a high-quality box with a cotton drawstring bag to hold the pieces.

This puzzle is available in the following sizes. It is currently only available as a special order. Please contact us for ordering details.

Number of pieces



250 pieces
360 x 250mm (14.2 x 9.8 inches)

Stock no. WE5
500 pieces
510 x 360mm (20 x 14.1 inches)

Stock no. WE6
750 pieces
580 x 420mm (22.8 x 16.5 inches)
Special order
1000 pieces
730 x 510mm (28.7 x 20 inches)
Special order

All sizes of this puzzle contain a selection of specially cut figural pieces (also known as 'whimsies').


Lorna Rankin




Scenic, Cotswolds