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'Battle of Trafalgar' Jigsaw Puzzle

Vintage-style Naval Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

'Battle of Trafalgar' Vintage-style Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

‘The Battle of Trafalgar’ is a vintage-style wooden jigsaw puzzle, featuring a stunning painting (by Montague Dawson) of Nelson's famous victory at the battle of Trafalgar.

Whimsies - Wooden Jigsaw PuzzleThese wooden puzzles are very finely cut, with lots of irregularly shaped pieces and are far more challenging than a 'standard' puzzle. Each puzzle includes a number of 'whimsies' - figural pieces in the shape of all sorts of objects, animals, birds, fish etc. - see picture on the right.

They are laser-cut from 3mm board, and manufactured to the highest standards.

Each puzzle comes in a high-quality box with a cotton drawstring bag to hold the pieces.

This puzzle is available in the following sizes:

Number of pieces

Size of completed puzzle


250 pieces
360 x 250mm (14.2 x 9.8 inches)
Stock no. WE3
500 pieces
510 x 360mm (20 x 14.1 inches)
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Stock no. WE4
750 pieces
580 x 420mm (22.8 x 16.5 inches)
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Stock no. WE39
1000 pieces
730 x 510mm (28.7 x 20 inches)
Stock no. WE40

All sizes of this puzzle contain a selection of specially cut figural pieces (also known as 'whimsies'). The 250-piece puzzle contains special 'Battle of Trafalgar' whimsies.


Montague Dawson




Maritime, Naval, Military, War